James’ visit.

When James came to Quemao Viejo, I didn’t have the materials for what I am planning to do next, a toilet and a solar shower for the off-grid camping. So, instead, we cleared a little patch where the herbal veterinary practice will be place in the future. After a few seconds of hesitation:


There he went, action…


We have a good laugh during sunset, when the shadows reminded us the scene from Indiana Jones and the raiders of the lost arch, when the guys are digging up the entrance to the…


We ended up with something like…well, it will be a table. Trust me!


James had time to share his knowledge on architecture and suggested several designs for the future practice ( a fed days more, and the whole project would have taken a complete new direction…ha,ha):


Some time for reading in the sun in front of the cave:


Here, making a panoramic photo, and getting ready to lose the first ever chess game in the cave Smile


The next day, we were asked to lend a hand to some friends in Zarzadilla de Totana with the “Vendimia” ( cutting wine grapes):


The whole team:


After the work, we were showed the process to make the wine: Removing branches and leaves, pressing and fermentation:


We tried the freshly pressed grape juice:


and the same day, visited a chicken farm, where James kept making friends:


Thanks for visiting. I will be posting updates soon!! Don’t lose hope. In the meantime, to keep you sweet, a photo of the smiling spider we found:



About Quemao Viejo

A project to scape the Rat Race with a micro-camping site and a veterinary practice using local medicinal plants.
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1 Response to James’ visit.

  1. kalimo chimbero says:

    wow, congrats James! I could just ask for a day like that for my birthday, but I am afraid those ones only happen at Quemao Viejo, kinda “the wild ecologic Spanish Neverland”… 🙂 abrazote, trabubu!

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