Laura and Rakesh’s visit.

Just a few photos of the visit that Laura and Rakesh made to Quemao Viejo. Sometimes it turns impossible to trap magical moments with the camera, but I hope you can make yourself an idea.  

Next two photos were taken in front of the cave, where an off-grid camping is starting to take shape little by little:


Here, people sitting in the new table, about to get finished, and built using locally available materials only:


Next one was taken in “the balcony”.  A vantage point five minutes up the hill from Quemao Viejo, with Peñarrubia at the bottom where we have been climbing in the past:


We did some work as well, and planted a few seeds where I am planning to create a permaculture orchard with edible wild plants:


Rakesh, hard at work:


We even had time to dance in the village’s streets under the full moon:


and time to re-discover the village’s fountain ( Will you ever forget me for this one, Laura?:)))


Thank you girls, It was a pleasure to have you here.



About Quemao Viejo

A project to scape the Rat Race with a micro-camping site and a veterinary practice using local medicinal plants.
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