Michelle conquers Quemao Viejo on Horseback.

Jose Miguel, an entrepreneur friend of mine, and funder of the Fundacion Miguel Caballero ( promoting mountain sports in Lorca), invited me for a day out on horseback.

Jose Miguel , among other businesses, owns two mares, “Princesa” y “Petra”, and that day, Jose Miguel and Michelle ( Jose Miguel’s son) and myself made a trip on horseback that started inZarzadilla de Totana, and finished in Quemao Viejo’s cave.

It was a beautiful November morning . It has been raining a lot recently, so the soil has a green blanket of grass that together with the shining pine trees, the last leaves of the almond trees ready to fall before winter, the olive trees packed with olives nearly ready for picking, the mountains,  the slow pace of the horses, the winter sun that warms you up…so peaceful…like stepping back in time…so peaceful and calm, that Michelle, the kid, was sleeping on the horseback ten minutes after we set off! It was so funny looking at the kid sleeping in top of the horse!

Later on we had time for a little galloping and all! My horse tried to get rid of me a couple of times, jumping like crazy…I don’t remember being so scared in my life! Jose Miguel told me that the horse noticed that I was not an experienced rider and was trying to get rid of the “load”. But I grabbed the “silla”, held the breath for five minutes…and finally the horse understood who was in charge! Jose Miguel also thinks that after this experience I am nearly a cowboy. Yeah! What a cowboy!

When we arrived to Quemao Viejo’s cave, we started a fire and had a well deserved barbecue. What a fantastic day!

These are Jose Miguel and Michelle ( five minutes before falling sleep on top of the horse).


This is Princesa in front of Quemao viejo’s cave.


Ah! There he goes, Michelle, after his nap on horseback, wearing my jumper and fully decided to take possession of his new domains! “ I am going to have fun here” he was probably thinking!


Michelle is a little evil with the shape of a kid. He is not three years old yet. When he sets his mind into something…well, you have two choices, enjoy the show or get ready for a everlasting fight of persuasion! ( He reminds me of somebody here!)

Is there anything that attracts kids more than fire? Trying to keep Michelle away from the fireplace was like trying to empty the sea with a spoon. So here he is, rediscovering the secrets of fire!



Have fun!


About Quemao Viejo

A project to scape the Rat Race with a micro-camping site and a veterinary practice using local medicinal plants.
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