Puerto de Mazarron III: La azohia.

La Azohia belongs to the City of Cartagena, but I am relating it to the Puerto de Mazarron, because it is in the same bay, and it is no more than half an hour on a pushbike.

It is a beautiful small village by the sea, with a small fishing port, a watchtower, some houses, some bars and restaurants, and miles of gorgeous beaches for a plunge.

This is the view from the top of the village ( It reminds me Mikonos in Greece):

The next photo is the Tower of Santa Elena, built aroing 1550. It was used as a wachtower to keep an eye on the Barbary corsars:

This is the small fishing port. (In the area there are lots of scuba diving schools!):

In your way back to Mazarron, you could stop for a little siesta by the sea, under the shadow of this little oasis:

The next photos are more beautifull small corners in your way to mazarron:


About Quemao Viejo

A project to scape the Rat Race with a micro-camping site and a veterinary practice using local medicinal plants.
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