Murcia, a paradise for “tapas”

I am starting a new section in the blog about places near Quemao Viejo worth visiting. Murcia, the capital city of the region, will open it.

Murcia is a city in the south of Spain of about with a population of about seven hundred thousand people. It is about fifty kilometres away from Quemao Viejo (an hour by car). Its day time appeal could always be argued. Locals obviously would tell you it is the most beautiful city in the world. I am going to keep my opinion for myself here, but for me there is something about Murcia than cannot be disputed: In the evening, when the daytime heat is gone, the centre of the city, an area known as “Las tascas” (old bars) becomes populated with people eager to enjoy life and thousands of bars serving tapas that make your brain melt out of pleasure.

“Tapa” is a small (sometimes not so small) portion of food served with alcoholics drinks. It is said that it was introduced to avoid soldiers getting too drunk. These are some photos of Murcia at night.

People sitting in a terrace, enjoying the nice warm weather in the beginning of May:

Inside this tavern you can find a good example of the products this region has to offer (See the tomatoes in the corner, Murcia is the vegetable garden of Europe, so they say!):

In this Tavern we had:

“Montaditos de lomo con tomate y queso Roquefort” (Small sandwich of lean pork with tomato and Roquefort Cheese):

“Catalanas” ( A remake of the Iberian Ham in a toasted slice of bread with olive oil from the region of Catalonia, north Spain):

A delicious salad with tuna, olive, capers, artichokes, anchovies and sliced tomatoes with olive oil and vinegar:

Then we moved to the next bar (….) more people enjoying themselves in the street,

Inside, well, try to figure out by yourself…”chorizo, salchicha, lomo, sobrasada, blanco, Jamon”…and what not!

I didn’t let the band stop for one tapa here. My fault. I couldn’t wait to get into “Las Jarras” bar, were he had a round of my all times favourite “reclutas”. It is a portion of pork into small breads, all fried and covered with hot tomato sauce. It is so spicy that you have no alternative but to put down a glass of cold beer. Beautiful!

Finally we went to “El Jesuso” where we had more tapas, like this one:

And to finish this night out in Murcia, two things:

Acknowledge the local beauties,

And introduce you to the Tapas’ golden rule: “One bar, one tapa”. After that, another bar and another tapa. This is a must to enjoy a night of tapas in Murcia.


About Quemao Viejo

A project to scape the Rat Race with a micro-camping site and a veterinary practice using local medicinal plants.
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1 Response to Murcia, a paradise for “tapas”

  1. Noemí says:

    Releyendo lo que acabo de escribir, quien no me conozca a mí y mi sarcasmo, puede entender que no me atraen nada las tapas que se ven ¡Todo lo contrario!! ¡Se me hace la boca agua!

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