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Foldable house.

This idea came to me when thinking about ephemeral housing. It is not really ephemeral, as in something that last only a short time, but something “non-permanent”. I guess it would suit somebody wanting to spend only some  time in remotes … Continue reading

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Duck Duck Go (

Just a quick one. I had to share this. I’ve been after an alternative to Google for a while.  And here it is: duckduckgo Apparently, it doesn’t monitor users, doesn’t track your searches, doesn’t personalize adverts and doesn’t traffic with your … Continue reading

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Ephemeral architecture_some ideas.

What if we did not think about our house like something that needs to last for centuries?

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Underground water reservoir.

Not far from el Quemao Viejo, there is an underground water reservoir, which gives me ideas of what I could use to harvest  rain water and keep it for posterior domestic and agricultural use. I guess it is about a hundred years old. … Continue reading

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Views from the nearby mountains.

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Affordable housing.

This is a couple of beautiful examples of affordable housing, which I have received from my subscription to Earthbag Building Blog. The first one is a natural house, built by Simon Dale, whit limited experience in building, simple tools and for a price of … Continue reading

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