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Eco-building ideas.

To build the house I will use the most abundant  and cheapest material on earth: Soil. Some ideas: Advertisements

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Fog collection.

One a cold February morning, as I was trying to reach Quemao Viejo on my motorbike, I found the place hidden under a dense cloud. I had to turn around, and wait for a better day to do some work. Days … Continue reading

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First eco-building project: A fireplace.

We spend one day in October in Quemao Viejo, and out of the blue we started building a little wall in front of the fireplace inside the little cave. The fireplace was at floor level. when the flame was high, … Continue reading

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Rainwater harvesting.

Rainwater harvesting is a very old technique to collect and storage water from the rain for drinking, domestic or irrigation purposes. In south Spain, were water can be very scarce, structures called “aljibe” were used for the collection of running … Continue reading

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